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Rompers are a vacation essential!

They have the impact of putting together a full outfit while only wearing one piece! Not to mention, more functional than a dress!

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I recently sat down with designer Charlotte Olympia to interview her for E! Online… 

In my Q&A we talk about her go to shoes for the weekend, what is inspiring her right now, how she designed a mule she actually likes, beautiful cliché’s and much more!

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To check out the full interview with Charlotte Olympia here

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“Unfortunately, finding flattering jorts can be as difficult as searching for your favorite pair of denim pants…

Don’t induce one more worry wrinkle—we have a genius solution, courtesy of celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese. Using a pair of old blues, the E! Style Collective member showed us how to create designer-looking jean shorts she already knows will flatter and fit her body.”

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  1. Put on a pair of old jeans you’re willing to cut. Opt for thicker denim; if the fabric is too thin, the jean shorts will be tight and hug your thighs. Using a fabric pen or regular pencil, draw a line two inches longer than where you’ll like the shorts to ideally end.

2. Take off the jeans and lay them out flat on the floor. Optional: Iron the jeans beforehand to ensure a flat surface. Cut along the pencil-drawn line.

3. Fold the jeans in half, aligning the waistband and side hems. Make sure that all sides match up or else the cut will be uneven. Take the scissors and cut along the previous cut edge.

4. Once your pants are cut, throw the shorts in the dryer so that the cut edges naturally fray. You can also roll the shorts to your desired length.


Voilà! Now you have comfortable jean shorts you can live in all summer long.

On Lindsay: Zara top, Joe’s Jeans, Zara shoes

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I died and went to Tulum….

Tulum is such a magical and special place 1.5 hours south of Cancun. From the shopping to the beaches, and THE FOOD. Everything is incredible. A must see!!

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 Feelin’ beachy

I’m very picky about wearing multi-colored pieces but this poncho cover-up was the perfect blend of all the right hues

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Poncho cover-up





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The struggle of redecorating as a renter is real.

It can be so limiting to achieve your design vision for your space when you’re renting so I turned to DIY expert Kelly Edwards to help show me how to roll up my sleeves and get crafty with my space.  I was able to temporarily cover-up my 1960′s wood flooring with a floating floor (which I never knew existed!), added a fresh coat of paint on the walls and replaced some of my old furnishings with more modern pieces. The outcome was even better than I could have predicted!



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Check out the entire process of my apartment transformation Here!

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All you need is a bikini and bug spray!

There are thousands of freshwater cenotes in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I highly suggest putting it on your sight seeing list next time you’re in the region. Just beautiful!

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