100K and Counting


 After 2.5 years….. I’m in the 100k club!! (is that even a club? yes it is to me) I started my channel to help spread my mission of taking the intimidation out of fashion, one person at a time. YouTube has given me the platform to do just that and and I’m grateful my efforts have been so well received. Here’s to a MILLION by this time next year. Why not??

OOTD// Lets Kick It!


Unless I’m gym bound you’ll rarely see me in kicks…… But these high tops are turning me~ they remind me of the VANS I wore the rubber off of in High School. Ahhh the good old casual days!               Shades   Blouse Skirt   Bag   Sneakers  

OOTD// Check Mate


 If I come across anything with checkers or stripes….. It’s my mission to build an outfit around it                         Shades   Dress Clutch Shoes  

OOTD// Emerald City


I have a dear friend who covets her white Chloe pants she bought in Paris… That’s the same way I feel about mine that I found on the sale rack at ZARA.   Shades   Blouse   Clutch   Pants    

OOTD// Marsala Squared


A little Fall color in the summertime… is bit unexpected, yet still statement worthy for the season           Shades   Necklace   Top   Skirt   Bracelets   Heels  

OOTD// Fringe On Fleek


I love a dress that waves “Byeee!!” when I leave the room         Shades   Necklaces       Dress     Boots     Bag     Bracelet  

OOTD// Ascot Accessory


I know, most people associate tying a scarf like this with being a bandit…. Or is that just me? Either way it’s an added personal touch to a look and I’m feelin it. And the BEST part? this scarf was my Grandmother’s           Shades   Scarf   Tunic   Dress   Sandals    

OOTD// Baby Blues


I took a bit of a departure from my black and white wardrobe palette…. And feeling blue is feeling good! I   Shades   Blouse   Skirt   Bag   Shoes  



I know this isn’t appropriate for a BBQ… But it sure is patriotic! Happy Independence Day!!       Shades     Blazer     Bralette     Pants     Clutch  

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