Today on ‘How To Get Noticed’ I’m going to give you tips on how to look sexy for Valentine’s Day- or any day for that matter! My whole philosophy on dressing sexy is a bit on the ‘less is more’ theory. I’m more about subtle sexiness rather than anything overtly sexy. I feel that when you show something off, you should cover up a little somewhere else to balance out the look. It also leaves something to the imagination which is ultimately- SEXY! Are you sensing a theme here? haha

This is the first video of my new series, “Casual Friday’s”! On the last Friday of every month, I’ll post the super chill outfits that I wear in my real life when I’m running errands, or just looking to be comfortable. I rarely do videos with super casual outfits so I thought you guys would like to see what I wear when I’m not all decked out. I always like to pair boyfriend jeans with bulky knits and often you will see me layering different lightweight pieces together to create

Today I’m sharing tips on how I organize my closet! These are the tips I’ve followed like religion for a long time and have aided in keeping me orderly and neat. Many times we have so much in our wardrobe that we have no idea what we have- my tips will help you minimize space and maximize order in your life! I’ll be sharing how I store my belts, scarves, jewelry, and accessories as well as a tip on the best way to coordinate your hanging clothes. I LIVE by

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