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Fringey Feeling 

When I was going through all the photos of this look to figure out what I wanted to put on the blog I realized there was a theme. Every single shot of me I am either crazy smiling or laughing. Don’t you love when an outfit makes you feel so good it just shines through? I [...]

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“My HOT MESS Summer Beauty Routine + Favorites! Face Masks | Beauty Tips” on my Lindsay’s Latest channel!

Today I'm sharing my Hot Mess beauty routine!!!! I've been feeling overwhelmed lately and wanted to share the products and beauty tips I currently use to help me get it together FAST. These are the beauty products and skincare tips that I use on a weekly basis and I'm excited to share them with you! [...]

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Not Sample Size

I covet this look so much! It epitomizes my personal style. A little feminine and masculine at the same time, with a subtle sexiness- never too overt. The reality of this photo is also that I never got to wear this look out in public other than for this photo. As a stylist and influencer [...]

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These shots were taken at the Shiseido dinner last week. As a multi-hyphenate creative in the entertainment/fashion/beauty industry (lets just call that multi-hyphenate squared, ha) I get invited to a lot of events. I remember when I first started in the business way back when I was dyingggg to get invited to events like this, [...]

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Red, Bright and Blue

Hi it's me- wearing red again. Lately I'm either in marigold yellow or red- it's a gravitational pull kinda thing. Isnt it funny how you just feel drawn to certain colors, style sensibilities, articles of clothing, anything really, and don't know why?? I think that's your personal style talking. That is unless you tend to [...]

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My Summer Style Segment on The TODAY Show

Let me just tell you guys how excited I am to share that I hosted a TODAY show style segment AND wrote a fashion story for them. Ummmm what??? YES! I am not a writer by any means but when the biggest news show in the world asks you to deliver- you just do it! [...]

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“My Craziest Celebrity Stories!! Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Snoop Dogg Lindsay Albanese scary stories” video on my Lindsay’s Latest channel!

Today I'm going totally off script and sharing some of my craziest celebrity stories- some cool, and some scary! As a celebrity wardrobe stylist I've been apart of some really cool experiences and I wanted to share a few with you today. So if you like Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, and Snoop Dogg you gotta [...]

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Color Comfort Zone

As many of you know, black and white is my go-to color combo. Or “non-color” combo to be color correct. And when it comes to actually wearing a color you will see me wearing red the most. So I guess you can say this look sends it home for me. And these white jeans are [...]

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