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Two Toned

Do any of you shop ASOS? I swear if you're feeling inspired by a trend you're seeing on a celeb or on social media just look it up on ASOS and I'm almost positive you will find it there, and for an affordable price. They're truly my go-to ecomm spot for trendy threads and accessories. [...]

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Neutral Pop

These style of frames are a first for me! And a little unknown fact about me- the optomitrist told me I should be wearing glasses when I'm on the computer and on my phone which pretty much means I should be wearing glasses FULL TIME. And, oops, I never do.  Until I met these! Now [...]

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Black and Blue

These frames are definitely a departure for me as I’ve never worn anything like them before.  As some of you may know I partnered with Zenni eyewear for their Spring campaign and curated a page of my favorite trends on their site. There was just something so fresh and unconventional about this hue on hue style [...]

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V-Day Vibes

To be honest I'm not really one to dress in theme unless stated on an invitation to a party BUT I decided to get into to spirit because A. I had an outfit with red in it, so it was easy and B. I support any holiday, event or situation that supports love and all [...]

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“How To Update Your Outfits On a Budget | Spring Edition!” video on my Lindsay’s Latest channel!

Hi Friends! Today I'm sharing style tips on how to update your outfits on a budget. Switching out your sunglasses and eyewear with different outfits is the easiest way to channel a new look or complete an outfit so today I'm sharing my favorite Spring eyewear trends and giving you a TON of style tips [...]

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Bright White

The easiest Spring outfit you can wear- monochromatic white and cream tones all in one spectacular look. Don't be scared my friends, everyone can wear it! It's just a matter of picking out the right separates that suit your figure and personal style. For those who fret wearing white I always say- stick to clothing [...]

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S P R U N G on Zenni Eyewear

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve partnered with Zenni, one of my favorite eyewear brands to launch their spring collection!! And I’m living out my supermodel dreams this very moment because yours truly is on the home page of their website AND if you check it out you will see I curated my own page [...]

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