Red, Bright and Blue

Hi it’s me- wearing red again. Lately I’m either in marigold yellow or red- it’s a gravitational pull kinda thing. Isnt it funny how you just feel drawn to certain colors, style sensibilities, articles of clothing, anything really, and don’t know why?? I think that’s your personal style talking. That is unless you tend to be drawn to inappropriate things for the wrong events, that’s a whole different story. I feel like it’s a beautiful thing to know what you like, and wear the heck out of it! My sister is always in flux of trying to figure out what to wear, how to wear it, and what she likes. I think ultimately she knows what she doesn’t like which is half the battle to its more about tapping into that, and reverse engineering towards the things you like. Call it the process of style elimination.

Top: & Other Stories // Skirt: Caterina Gatta // Shoes: JustFab 
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