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You know what is annoying about hats?? The commitment that comes when wearing one. To wear, or not to wear- that is the question! Now you can FINALLY carry and travel with your hat, hands-free! Our patented hat clip is not only designed to look stylish with premium leather and custom brushed gold hardware, it also looks super cute on your handbag. Sometimes functional gadgets can look cheap and gimmicky, not TOPTOTE®!! 

PS. this is our best selling style and it keeps selling out at Nordstrom! We're sooo excited! 

 5 1/4" long hat clip. Woven embossed genuine Italian leather, zinc alloy hardware, magnet closure. Holds 1-2 hats depending on brim thickness.

+U.S. Pat. No. 10,413,047

For all non-patent leather products you can use a leather protectant spray if you choose to.

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