New Finds

The designer of this sweatshirt is a brand based out Istanbul, Turkey and I absolutely adore so many of their pieces! (I wore a killer LBD of theirs in a few blog posts back) It was adventurous but I wore this look to a pretty big meeting a few weeks ago. Really when you break it down this is one crazy artistic and chic oversized pullover. That’s one of the great things about being a stylist- I get to discover new brands without going online, walking into stores, or traveling! Ok I would like a little more travel in my life but I digress. Fashion showrooms are places that that represent designer’s from around the world and stock the newest collections for stylist, editor, and media pulls. Funny how many years ago I was going into these showrooms to pull clothes to dress my celebrity clients and now I’m going into these showrooms to pull clothing to dress myself. And in the wise words of Cardi B, “I like it like that”.


Top: Zeynep Tosun // Earrings: Madewell // Pants: ZARA // Watch: MVMT // Heels: Zara // Bag: Chanel

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