Hi Friends! Lindsay Albanese here giving you tips on how to look sexy, not messy! Yep, I believe there are certain things you can do that will distract from your natural sexiness and I want to give you some style tips. It’s also almost Valentine’s day so this video is in perfect time! First off, hide your bra! When your unappealing nude bra is hanging out you ruin the outfit. Same with pantie lines, if you see them, get rid of them and go “commando.” Also, if you’re wearing heels, make sure you can walk properly in them! No one wants to look wasted when she is just trying to walk. haha! I hope this video inspires you to keep it sexy and not messy. Please let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to Subscribe and turn on Notifications (tap the little bell icon below this vid) if you love my videos! Thank you so much for viewing. Love, Linds