Tuesday’s Tip: Matte Black French Manicure

OK, This is what I call a nail outfit!!

How HAUTEness are these nails??

Most of the magic comes from the Hard Candy matte nail polish, but then you up the ante with this fierce paint job! They kind of remind me of a sexy car!

I’ve included the links and the steps on how to do it yourself…..and can you offer to do mine too please???


** photo courtesy of  http://chloesnails.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-favorite-manis-from-past-im-playing.html***

Hard Candy Just Nails Matte Topcoat

Available at Walmart- $4

top coat

Black Nail Polish

Available at Sephora-$9.50


Illamasqua- Top Coat Nail Polish

Available at Sephora- $12


And here’s an easy step-by-step guide to use while doing your manicure!

Step 1: Manicure your nails as you like. Push back the cuticle, buff them, shape them, etc.

Step 2: Paint your nails with your plain black nail polish.

Step 3: Once your black nail polish is dry paint the Hard Candy Matte Top Coat over it.

Step 4: Strip off the area of your nails that you want to be the black tip using clear tape. Tear off small pieces of tape and stick them to your nails leaving the tip exposed for painting. You can also buy “french manicure guides” at any variety store.

Step 5: Paint the tips of your nails black and you can even paint over the clear tape to make the line as defined as possible.

Step 6: Remove the tape when the nail tips appear to be dry.

Step 7: Paint on clear top coat nail polish.

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  1. Heidy says:

    Lindsay I love this!!!! I am gonna re-blog it!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love this! Can’t wait to try it on my nails.

    Thanks for suggesting the French manicure tape guides, I never knew there was such a thing. I am going to hunt some down now and buy them online.

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  4. fzfz says:

    what a nice nails !

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  6. Tracey UK says:

    budget tip…use the lttle round sticker you use to repair the hole on a piece of paper that is torn that goes in a ring binder as paint guides for tips…cut sticker in half :-)

  7. Lindsay says:

    nothin baby!

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