Lindsay Albanese

Lindsay Albanese is a Los Angeles-based, established fashion stylist, TV personality, social influencer and business woman. Her real-girl personality, wit and passion on camera has led her to multiple appearances on national networks as talent, in addition to working behind the scenes with global entertainment franchises and publications as a stylist.

Lindsay gained a strong roster in Hollywood early on in her career. She has dressed celebrities ranging from Bella Thorne, Shay Mitchell, Sarah Hyland and Emily Deschanel, to name a few. She has also worked with global brands, from inventing style strategy to executing the social, experiential and traditional campaigns seamlessly. Through these style assignments, she has emerged into a TV personality for multiple networks and television shows such as The Real, The Doctors, The Queen Latifah Show and landed a resident role as a Style Expert on E!. However, it was after one special episode on The Today Show, that Lindsay’s own YouTube channel was born.

After wrapping up a segment for The Today Show, the executive producer approached Lindsay to inform her that the segment was one of the best style segments she had seen on the show. It was that moment that motivated Lindsay to build a relationship with her own audience in an environment where she could engage directly with them and create her own content– YouTube was perfect.

Today, Lindsay’s audience tunes in for her humorous, relatable content that continually expresses sophisticated and accessibility. Having worked behind the camera in production, with talent and on high-level campaign strategies…to on-camera journalism and live event commentating, Lindsay is a coveted asset to her clients and brand partners. Her ability to discuss design technique and apply it to everyday style challenges is what truly sets her apart.

Having coined the term, “wear-drobe”, Lindsay is a go-to for how to get the most out of your closet and wear it well. The majority of her audience is over 25 years old, providing a unique market and consumer opportunity for all her brand clients.

Her mission is clear: Bridge the untapped gap between elevated sophistication and relatable accessibility. Lindsay’s passion for what she does is evident in every touch point of her career. With a laugh that can be recognized from miles away and quick- witted personality that is purely enjoyable to converse with, she continues to inspire everyone around her, with a lot more in store.